Visit the Kingdom of Kan, El Mirador, Guatemala

"Standing on top of La Danta and seeing nothing but green jungle for miles and miles evokes a certain peaceful feeling and everything in the world seems ok for a brief moment We want generations to come to have the same feeling ..."

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Work at El Mirador with the ISU Field School

ISU's Anthropology Department offers many opportunities for students at all levels to gain hands-on, specialized experience in anthropological and archaeological field and laboratory methods.

Things to Remember Before Visiting

  • Tourist visiting El Mirador must enter with a guide from the Carmelita Guide Association.
  • Carry a first aid kit and plenty of water. (Water is not available at the site or while you are hiking so, you are responsible for bringing in all your own water.)
  • Carry out what you take in and donít deposit your trash anywhere along the route.

If you have been to El Mirador Lately, please comment on Wanderlust or Lonely Planet. Make sure to post your trip photos and comments to our Facebook Group - Save Mirador Basin!