Workers stabilizing and consolidating the upper dominant structure of the La Danta pyramid

FARES Partners

GHF - Global Heritage Fund

GHF is a non-profit International Conservancy Organization established in 2002 in Palo Alto, California, with the mission to save the earth’s most significant and endangered cultural heritage sites in developing countries through scientific excellence and community involvement.

Pacunam - Fundación Patrimonio Cultural y Natural Maya

Pacunam is a foundation comprised of visionary corporations committed to the preservation of Guatemala's natural and cultural heritage through sustainable development for the benefit of future generations.

APANAC - Asociación de Amigos del Patrimonio Natural y Cultural de Guatemala

APANAC is a non-profit organization formed in Guatemala by individuals interested in the preservation and development of the Natural and Cultural Heritage of Guatemala.

ISU - Idaho State University

ISU has made the commitment to become "the premier international research institution for Mesoamerican studies in ancient cultures and related environmental sciences and conservation programs," according to ISU Vice President, Dr. Kent Tingey.

Instituto de Antropología e Historia

Ministerio de Cultura y Deportes

Foundation for Sustainable Development

United States Department of the Interior (DOI)

Hitz Foundation